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Deep Learning & Quantitative
for financial markets decisions

We predict with high precisions future financial markets movements

Systematic quantitative trading strategy

Long / Short Systematic Quantitative Trading Strategy in the short term

Forecast future financial market trend

Chaos & Deep Learning quantitative model giving reliable forecast in the short term (5 days)

Provide tailored quantitative solutions

We help our clients to be at the avant-garde of investment technologies

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Access the Power of Deep Learning & Quantitative

Managed Account

Enjoy the advantages of professional Financial advisors services without the disadvantages of investment fund. With our solution, you will enjoy low management fees, high liquidity and you will keep the ownership of the underlying assets you invested in.

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Trading Signals

We provide Trading Signals based on our Markets movements forecasting allowing our client to access an arsenal of Financial inputs such as future markets trend, pattern, entry price, stop loss level, take profit and stress test, These very precise information make our model unique.

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Access to our trading signals and more features through our Platform

We provide to our customers real-time trading signals on futures markets (Equity, Commodity, Emerging, Bonds). Subscribers of our signal service will receive unique entries with detailed instructions for trade management and portfolio allocation. We focus on the most liquid assets classes with broad diversification across various asset classes ensure a constant diversification with the result of a low market risk.

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