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Since 2012, at Dimtech it all starts with Data. We collect and clean, rich datasets. Not only financial data, but anything that might help us to understand how markets behave in the short term.

Rooted in science, driven by team of researchers with backgrounds ranging from applied mathematics, biotechnologies, informatics & financial engineering, our approach is dedicated to deliver short term investment opportunities for our investors.

Using statistical and mathematical modelling and deep learning techniques, we forecast various time range of signals that leads to precise investment indicators. Our expertise is based on a robust statistical significance which is designed to build our investment strategy.


Our executives cultivates a collegial learning culture, which values mentoring, career development, and interaction between senior and junior staff. This large scale of expertises within our team has been the key for the last decade as well in the development of our technology, trading and operating expertise as to the success of our rigorous scientific research.

Daniel Melhem, PhD
Founder & CEO
Geoffrey Ducournau, PhDs
Executive Director & Quantitative Strategist

Our team

Shi LEI, PhD
Partner & Asian market advisor
    Data Scientist
    Dominique LARUE
    Asset Manager
    Alfred MBAIRADJIM, PhD
    Data scientist & Developer

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