Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence solutions

Combining our expertise in both financial markets and Artificial Intelligence, we have built the perfect solution, resulting in the development of the next generation of investment strategies , solely powered by Analytics performed on alternative unstructured data sources. This innovative solution is dedicated to sophisticated investors willing to increase their portfolio diversification and seize global market opportunities.


AI Solutions

Leverage the added value of alternative data to give an extra edge to investment strategies.


Big Data Solutions

We provide data-processing application model & software


Natural Language Processing

Focus on semantic analysis, emotional and behavioral typology


Machine Learning Solutions

Statistical techniques in order to give to our clients the ability to ”learn” constantly on their investments

Tailored Solutions


Providing financial opportunities

We develop algorithmic model based on the NLP technology (Natural-Language Processing). We collect data, organize, classify, transform and catalog it in order to extract an investment opportunities based on market sentiments.


Various asset classes available

Our algorithm is working on couple of securities and Financial Markets such as Equities (Europe, USA, China, Emerging and others), Currencies, Crypto currencies, Commodities …


More than 100 000 data are computing every day

Data Warehouse and Data Mining can be reliable and relevant only if the sources of data used is large and come from various and uncorrelated sources. We ensure to our clients an access to thousands of information such as social networks, financial blogs, website, financial reports, newspapers, brevets, governmental, economic calendar …


Access to scientific research & expertise

Part of our team in R&D is specialized in Artificial Intelligence, Natural-Language Processing and Machine Learning allowing us to be at the cutting edge of this technology.