Quantitative Investment

Quantitative Investment solutions

Our model based on the Chaos theory & Deep Learning model provides to our clients robust forecast on future market movements' trend and ensure their money and risk management by sharing powerful and unique information on the Financial Market such as entry price level, stop loss price, take profit price and stress test level. Using Managed account allows to our clients to be the direct owner of their investment account. Meaning, every assets or securities hold within these investments account are for the benefit of our clients. We will only manage those accounts on behalf of our clients and according to the Investment Policy Statement priory defined. It also allow us to customize every investment account according to our clients typologies and risk / return expectation.


Quantitative Strategy

Long / Short Systematic Quantitative Trading Strategy in the short & long term.



Reliable forecast on future market movements and ensure a strong money and risk management.


Investors First

Managed account allows to our clients to be the direct owner of their investment account.


Highly Liquid

We ensure to our clients to be invested in very liquid assets.

Managed Account


Systematic quantitative trading

Compared to conventional management, in which investment decisions are conditioned by human emotions such as fear, euphoria, impatience and uncertainty or even by the interests of a third parties, Dimtech designs algorithm strategies that are 100% systematic and free of human intervention.


Chaos theory & Deep Learning

Our model use the Chaos theory (Butterfly Effect), we demonstrate that the financial market is predetermined by a number of circumstances that are relative to the market and can be caused by both internal and external reasons.
We analyse the behavior of all integrated information’s into market structure in order to track the hidden order behind the seemingly random environment


Deliver arsenal of trading data with high precision

Our model is mainly unique for this reason. It does not only provide market trend, but it also provides trading signals by forcasting precisely market trading inputs such as entry price level, stop loss, take profit and stress test level.


Tailored to Financial Institutions & Individual Investors

Every professionals or retailers will be able to take position on the market very easily with a trading strategy & money management provided through our platform or if necessary we can privately assist you with Asset Management Team.