Trading Signals Platform

Trading Signals Platform

You will have a direct access to our investment opportunities & precisions

Whether you’re a personal investor, financial advisor or institutional money manager, using Dimtech application makes monitoring your Future Indexes, Forex, Commodities and Cryptocurrencies positions simple and reliable. The Signal measures the statistical probability of a security’s directional pattern with an arsenal of trading inputs with deep precisions (entry level, stop loss, take profit, stress test …) using a long / short systematic quantitative trading based on the Chaos-Fractals Theories.

Dimtech distilled a dynamic mathematical concepts into algorithms which generate clear trading indicators that are simple to understand and easy to follow.

Our approach utilizes tic tic data prices in order to forecast future market patterns and we disclose daily trading signals before the market open. Any notifications regarding unexpected big market patterns will be sent to every subscribers.

How does it works?



Subscribe to any market you are interested in among the following:

  • S&P 500 Future
  • Euro Stoxx 50 Future
  • Eurostoxx 600 Future
  • Shenzhen Composite Future
  • EUR / USD Future
  • Oil/ Gold Futures
  • Other assets upon requests


Simulate your portfolio

In order to highlight your portfolio progression based on our trading signals, we allow you to simulate it by choosing the amount you wish to invest in any markets we provide and you have been subscribed. Thus, you will have at a glance a deep understanding of which market is the most profitable over time and thus polish your future investment.


Access to our signal

  • Market pattern scenarios (Bullish / Bearish)
  • Entry Price to take position on the Market
  • Take Profit Price
  • Stop Loss
  • Stress Test / Pivot Points
  • Probability that the signals is successful
  • Analyst comments to support you


Access to our performance

In order to analyze the efficiency of your money management such as how you manage your exposure on the market, we enable you to have a full access of our real performance on the same market than yours with the use of the same signals we provided to you. In case of an underperformance we can assist you personally on this matter by improving your market exposure.